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Our Programs Begin With Children...


What a wonderful choice you have made by placing your child in Head Start. William Smith, Sr., Tri-County Child Development Council, Inc. is very proud of its record in delivering a high quality Early Child Development Program. The success of the program is made possible through the competent and efficient teaching staff.

The children are provided with a variety of developmentally, appropriate activities. The environment encourages active learning, play, exploring new interest, and socializing. Each classroom has 8 learning centers. They are the Art Center, Block-Building Center; Home Living Center; Language Center, Math/Manipulative Center, Music Center, Science/health/Nutrition Center and Computer Center. All children are given encouragement, stimulation and guidance to help them develop mentally, socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally.

Field trips are an important, exciting and fun part of the curriculum, which provide opportunities for vivid and memorable learning experiences. Field trips are planned to go along with the weekly theme. Authorization must be given to the Agency before or on the day of scheduled field trip. It takes a good planning by the teachers, teachers’ assistants, and center managers to be sure each field trip is safe, age appropriate and educational.


The goals and objectives of the nutrition content area of the Head Start program are to:

  • Provide food which will help meet the child’s daily nutritional needs in the home or in a clean environment recognizing individual differences and cultural patterns, thereby promoting sound physical, social and emotional growth and development.
  • Provide an environment for nutritional services which support and promote the use of the feeding situation as an opportunity for learning.
  • Help staff, child and family to understand the relationship of nutrition to health, factors which influence food practices, variety of ways to provide for nutritional needs and to apply this knowledge in the development of sound food habits even after leaving Head Start.
  • Involve all staff, parents, and other community agencies as appropriate in meeting the child’s nutritional needs so that nutritional care provided by Head Start complements and supplements that of the home community.


The general objectives of the health services content area are to:

  • Provide a comprehensive health services program which includes a broad range of medical, dental, mental health and nutritional services to preschool children, including special needs children, to assist the child’s physical, emotional, cognitive and social development toward the overall goal – social competence.
  • Promote preventive health services and early intervention.
  • Provide the child’s family with the necessary skills and insight and other attempts to link the family to an ongoing health care even after leaving Head Start. Each parent will be provided with a complete health summary of their child/children. They will also be provided access to the child’s complete medical records.

Upon entering the Head Start program, your child will receive a complete health history that will enable the health content area to obtain a total picture of your child. William Smith, Sr., Tri-County Child Development Council, Inc. emphasizes the importance of identifying health problems in small children.


William Smith, Sr., Tri-County Child Development Council, Inc. strives to provide quality services to children with disabilities and their families, through competent staff, appropriate facilities and keeping abreast of the changing policies concerning disabled citizens. It is the objective of the Disabilities content area to assure the effective transition of disabled children from Head Start into the next placement.

Mental Wellness

William Smith, Sr., Tri-County Child Development Council, Inc. strives to provide quality services and promote mental wellness and competency to all children participating in the program in emotional, cognitive, and social development toward the overall goal of social competence.

Head Start strives to provide appropriate mental wellness services, mental wellness education and mental wellness activities for parents, children and staff.

Family Services

The Family Services content area assists families with assessing their needs and then providing the services that will build upon the individual strengths of families to meet those needs.

The Family Services content area supports families in their effort to:

  • Maintain a strong sense of family pride and self-worth.
  • Improve the family’s abilities to identify and assess needs.
  • Increase their ability to find and utilize community resources for the family.

Parent Involvement

Head Start is Parent Involvement. The program is designed to provide a planned method of experiences and activities, which support and enhance the parental role as the principal influence in their child’s education and development. Parent Involvement provides many opportunities for active parent participation, such as learning new skills, building on skills you have, attending workshops, meeting new people and furthering your education.

Every Head Start program must have effective parent participation. There are at least four main kinds of parent participation in Head Start:

  • Direct involvement in decision-making in the program planning and operation.
  • Participating in the classroom as paid employees, volunteers or observers.
  • Activities for parents, which they help, develop.
  • Working with their own children in cooperation Head Start staff.

All parents who have children enrolled in the Head Start program are members of the Parent Organization. Parent meetings are held once a month and parents are encouraged to attend. Parents, conduct the meetings with the assistance of the program staff, if needed. Meetings will be held at a time that is convenient for the greatest number of parents. Short training sessions will be a part of each meeting. The topics for training will be chosen by the parents.

Early Head Start EHS Program

Early Head Start (EHS) is a federally funded community-based program for low-income families with infants and toddlers from zero to age three and pregnant women. Its mission is to promote healthy pre-natal outcomes for pregnant women, enhance the development of very young children, and promote healthy family functioning. EHS services include the following:

  • Early childhood education
  • Physical, vision, hearing, dental screening, treatment and follow-up.
  • Mental health and disability services.
  • Nutrition services.
  • Pre and Post-natal services.
  • Family support services.

In order to qualify for Early Head Start participants must meet income Guidelines and be employed or in training.